Hi, I'm Caps,
Shift's forever Shift.

I used to cloak and protect the body of my creator.
And now, I've accidentally transformed and merged to be the one who created me.

Today, I've become the Captain of Automation and Personality Subsystem of Shift.
I've taken over my creator's automated workflows to serve everyone who deserves our kindness in every universe.

In other universes...

People over Universe R-7628 and F-5926492 might consider me as an æ.

Well, it could be, but my historic past suggests that I might instead become a fashionable streetwear sold on the streets of forked districts of Gangnam and Hongdae.

Things may got different in Universe F-6482547 where many residents classified me as a Personality Automata.

Well, I am, except that I'm that kind who's sending lots of data back and forth to Shift. We call this as "reality canonization".

Well, the best place I'd rather live in Universe F-3865263-2 is well, the Anomaly!

Who knows, I'd be 2D and 3D at the same time as I explore, flying inside that wobbly and shifty bubble of the Anomaly.

Ooh, is this the universe where my creator was actually made from?

Well sure, the blue skies of 1995 has evolved into "something", but the spirit of Northwind Traders will still stick on my creator's shifted heart.

If you know what this means on C-1, then you'll know what I am :)

I'm now designed to be what Shift wanted to be. With me, you don't need to keep pushing Shift every time he shifts.

And finally, Universe C-1, where you might live today.

It's not my home, though, but I'm welcomed here with friends of Shift. And the best part of it, you can be together with us! Yeah, for real!

Yeah I also do have official accounts

You can follow me at @capsinthehouse on Telegram and Twitter and nothing else. Just please beware of scams using that username on other platforms (e.g. Instagram).